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manufacturer's & distributor's Liability 

Alliant has a long tradition of delivering industry expertise and has been serving the automotive aftermarket for over 25 years. As a manufacturer, distributor of auto parts, the primary concern when signing a lease, exhibiting at a convention or dealing with a product failure allegation is general liability. Through RevPro  business owners can secure the following coverage's and core services to satisfy contracts and protect a corporation from the rising cost of litigation.

Program Coverages

  • General Liability including Products and Completed Operations Liability

  • Personal and Advertising Liability

  • Premise Liability

  • Medical Payments

  • Excess / Umbrella Liability available upon request

  • Product Recall Extra Expense available upon request

Program highlights to include:

  • Blanket Additional Insureds

  • Employee Benefits Legal Liability Included

  • Hired and Non Owned Auto Liability - Optional

  • Global coverage for suits brought in the U.S.

  • Direct Worldwide coverage available upon request

  • Premium based on gross sales

  • Multiple classifications for various parts

  • Both Auditable and Non Auditable programs available

  • Deductible options

Garage Liability/Garage keepers legal liability


Installers of aftermarket parts, dealer jobbers and custom car builders face the same dynamic issues revolving around garage operations. Whether it is the exposure to a customer’s car in their care, custody and control or the test drive exposure for liability actions in the event of an accident both can put a company at risk.

Installers Edge provides the following core coverages to shop owners:

  • Garage Liability

  • Garage Keepers Legal Liability

  • Non Owned Auto Liability

  • Property coverage for Buildings, Contents and Business Interruption Expenses

  • Customers Property

  • Business Interruption Including Extra Expense

  • Property in Transit / Mobile Property 

Installers Edge program highlights are as follows:

  • Premium based on gross sales

  • Coverages customized for the garage owner or mobile installer

  • Billing options up to 10 monthly payments

  • Easy single form application

  • Rates leveraged by the buying power of the automotive aftermarket

  • Agreed value on Garage Keepers coverage available

  • Dealer plates optional 

Automotive Safety and Product Recall

As with any automotive product manufacturer, distributor or retailer, the ultimate goal is to provide a high quality product at a competitive price. Regardless of the products or market segments served a product recall could impact the stream of commerce and effect the financial lively hood of an enterprise. Although the cost to replace the part is not covered the cost to communicate the issue to the chain of commerce and / or extra expenses a product recall reimbursement plan is available upon request. 

Umbrella Liability

In some circumstances leases, contracts or other business relationships require limits of coverage greater than $1,000,000. In those circumstances  excess and or umbrella liability policies can be made available to increase the limit of coverage over the following underlying policies:

  • General Liability (Including Product Liability)

  • Auto Liability (Autos used in the business)

  • Employers Liability


  • Your building – replacement cost limit to rebuild part of or all of your building structure to like kind and quality after a loss.

  • Assorted business contents – fixtures, furnishings, raw materials, work in progress, finished goods/inventory, tools and equipment including customer goods.

  • Business earnings – business interruption and extra expense coverage can provide lost profits and also include extra expenses incurred after a loss to maintain the business.

  • Property in transit – Goods in transit can be items being taken to a subcontractor for processing, inventory in an employee’s car or shipped via courier

  • Equipment Breakdown - Provide much needed coverage for sudden and accidental breakdown of crucial equipment and provides replacement or repair, as well as loss of income and extra expenses.

  • Crime coverage – From dishonest acts of an employee to counterfeit currency

Workers' Compensation

  • Work exclusively with a carrier partners dedicated to the automotive industry for your employers liability. Services to include:​

    • Efficiently manage claims to ensure early return to work.

    • Be an employer advocate to ensure claims history has positive effect on a companies experience modification factor.

    • Design and deploy safety programs designed to lower the risk of work related injuries.

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